Onboarding call.

Discovery call with Paper Crane’s development and design leads discussing details about the new site. We are going to briefly touch on the timeline and expectations. 

Designs presented to client.

  • Two sets of homepages and interior page designs will be submitted to the client for revision.
  • Revision 1 form link is created for client access. 
    • Revision includes major changes. 
      • Color
      • Font
      • Structure
      • Header
      • Footer
      • Etc.

Client submission: choose design with feedback.

Client will have chosen a design and submitted feedback in by this time.

Content form sent out.

Based on feedback, we will supply the client with a framework for required content. Pictures and any writing. 

Client submission: content due date.

  • All content submitted based on parameters set. 

Proof 2 provided to client

  • URL is sent over with all pages created based on Revision 1 feedback.
  • Revision 2 form is sent over to client.

Client submission: feedback on full site with content

  • Revision 2 form filled out and submitted.
    • Changes include
      • Colors
      • Fonts
      • Content changes
      • Image changes
    • Changes not included
      • Structural changes
      • Anything that radically changes structure, etc. that we’ve already settled on. 

Full site, optimized, and mobile friendly

  • All content is added to the site. 
  • Site is now mobile friendly and optimized for SEO. 
  • Revision 3 form is sent out, final opportunity to make minor changes. 
    • Minor changes include: 
      • Minor content changes. 
      • Image swap outs
      • Anything that could be designated as fairly minor. No huge structural changes, etc. 

Client submission - Revision 3

Revision 3 form submitted

  • Minor tweaks to content, styling, etc. 
  • No major changes.

Site design finalized​

  • Final site ready to go. 
  • Final invoice for 50% created. 

Website launch!​

  • Final 50% payment is due prior to launch.
  • Site is migrated over to client hosting. 
  • Final bug fixes are completed on live server.
    • 60 days to report any known bugs at no cost. 

Client URLs

Dropbox link: Click Here

Designs - Version 1: Click Here

Designs - Version 2: Click Here

Revision 1: Click Here

Content submission: Click Here

Final Website: Click Here

Revision 2: Click Here

Revision 3: Click Here

Revision 3: